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AfarPack Passionate Woodwork Team.

Founded by wooden experts. Managed by industry veterans. Wooden solutions by Designers

AfarPack creative wooden packaging box-work journey

The woodwork team behind AfarPack is experienced and inspired.

We have Wooden craftsmen with more than 10 years of handicraft experience to manufacture your woodwork.

  • The Foreign Sales Team – Foucs on provides international clients with experienced knowledge on wooden packaging solutions
  • The Design Team – Could provides you with beautiful woodwork pictures and creative wooden design according to your needs. And audit yourself wooden packaging solutions
  • The Craftsmen – Focused on provides high-end wood products with 10+ years experiences, Combined the beauty of handmade & machinery

Teamwork Makes AfarPack Woodwork Perfect

Workers in AfarPack’s handicraft team are all experienced for more than 10+ years.

Dedicated to provides you with High-end & Elegant wooden products in various wood materials

AfarPack only hire people who love handicraft and see all their products as artwork. Their experienced knowleges on wooden materials helps AfarPack’s designers a lot. Not only on choosing the raw material, but also on the aesthetics

AfarPack-craftmen picture
AfarPack-team work

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

AfarPack encourages his stuffs enjoy their work. See their work as an happy thing. Besides, various activities are provided by AfarPack, so his workers can relax when feel pressured

AfarPack is kept on developing. Staffs are AfarPack’s engine. AfarPack Loves his Clients, and loves his lovely staffs.

Let AfarPack Teams co-work with you