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  • CCDZ Bocame is a high-tech enterprise designed and manufactured with automatic flexible production line for automotive BIW welding.

    We has been committed to the development of the internationalization and specialization, always actively carry out the development thought of "science and technology is the first productive force", adhere to the people-oriented, technology and quality as the core, and with "first-class equipment, first-class talents, first-class products, first-class service" promoting the manufacture level of China's automobile, make positive contribution in order to promote the development of China's automobile industry. The customer service process is as follows:

    The stage of inputting customer bidding documents

    The stage of signing customer contract

    The stage of designing, manufacturing, commissioning, after-sale service of project

    CCDZ Changchun Home base

    ??Contact: Miss. Wu Si??

    Mobile No.+86-(0)-15143005355

    Email : si.wu@ccdzee.com


    Branch Office

    Contact: Mr. Zhang Junhao

    Mobile No.+86-(0)-18043118330


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    Changchun Dazheng Bocame Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. (CCDZ)

    Technical support 長春天億科技