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  • Core Technology Plan I: Robot Laser Welding


    Laser welding is to use the advantage of laser beam excellent direction and high work density to proceed. Laser beam will be focused on a very small area by optical systems, the welding place will form an energy highly centralized heat source area in a very short period of time, which being melted, and form a solid welding spot and weld line.

    There are two common types of laser welding: pulse laser welding and continuous laser welding. The former is mainly used for welding of single point constant continuous and thin material. The latter is mainly used for welding and cutting of heavy parts. Laser welding has the advantages that contact welding do not have. It is widely used in automobile BIW welding. At present, the CAR model o CCDZ major applications are the new Bora NF, the FAW-Car Besturn B30, new B50, b70 and X80 models.

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