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    • Football Game
    • Company’s Football Team
    • Mr. Liu Xiaobo, the Winner of National Labor Metal
    • Technological Competition
    • Travel in Jilin
    • Badminton Competition
    • Staff Cohesiveness
    • Outward-bound Training
    • Outward-bound Activity
    • Knowledge Competition of Youth without any regrets
    • Company Training
    • Red Song Competition of The Party’s Birthday
    • Lantern Riddle of the Spring Festival
    • Company Annual Dinner in 2016
    • Tug-of-war Competition

    CCDZ Changchun Home base

    ??Contact: Miss. Wu Si??

    Mobile No.+86-(0)-15143005355

    Email : si.wu@ccdzee.com


    Branch Office

    Contact: Mr. Zhang Junhao

    Mobile No.+86-(0)-18043118330


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    Changchun Dazheng Bocame Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. (CCDZ)

    Technical support 長春天億科技