Sample Order FAQs

How do I order samples on

Step 1:    Click on the product you want to buy samples for.

Step 2:    Get the Product’s SKU in the description.

Step 3:    Email the SKU numbers to AfarPack.(Email address canbe found through Get a quote or contact info in product pages )

What is the minumum sample order?

There is no minimum order if you are ordering samples.

How long is your sample handling time?

  • Normally:  5 – 7 workdays to finish samples according to your requirements
  • Plain wooden box sample: 2 – 5 workdays
  • Complicated wooden box sample: 6 – 8 workdays

How much should I pay for samples?

Free SAMPLE if no special decorative design or modulding needs to be specially made.

The moduling fee will be refund during bulk orders.

Which delivery way can I get my samples?

You’ll got sample via Global EXPRESS. Such as UPS, TNT, DHL and FEDEX. Usually it will cost you 4-5 days.

Freight Collect.

Sample Payment Terms

Sample fee: Paypal, West Uinon, Alipay are all accepted.

Freight Collect.

How Long can I get my samples?

5 -14 workdays. From mading sample and delivery time.

Large quantity Order FAQs


minimum order for 1000pcs. Mixed style order are accepted.

The delivery way?

By sea, air transportation, express

We recommend you to choose sea transportation, and samples by express.

Large Quantity Production Time?

30 – 40 workdays (Take sample time together)

For very small or too big order, production time depends on production schedule.

Large Quantity Payment terms

T/T, L/C

Paypal, West Uinon, Alipay are all accepted.

Large Quantity Shipment

  • We can send products to Port and customer book shipping themselves. We do FOB Price.
  • We help you book shipping and deliver goods to your nearest port. (we need 5 – 14 workdays to arrange shipment)
  • Express and Air way are welcomed./span>

Wooden box Product FAQs

How do I know if your products fit my needs?

All the products’ specifications and dimensions are available online. You can check the dimension to see if it fits your goods.

Or you can provide your products’s dimension to AfarPack’s sales rep. They will help you find which type is more suitable.

If you are still not sure that the product you are looking at will perfectly fit your needs, you can order a sample and try the product at your office!

What is Packnwood's environmental policy?

AfarPack commits to 5 fundamental key points:

1) Buy Greener:

Favor Eco-certified products and suppliers Favor packaging made from natural and renewable resources

Encourage suppliers to take a step towards sustainable development

2) Develop and market the largest range of eco-friendly products:

Offer a diversified range of eco-friendly packaging
Offer when possible certified eco-friendly items
Offer green alternatives for all kinds of purposes
Constantly innovate and hunt for newer and greener packaging solutions.

3) Diminish our energy footprint on our site:

Recycling and waste sorting Reduction of our energy consumption (“Turn It Off” campaign in our office for lights, computers…)
Internal communication on the green step we take as well as the balanced approach to environmental responsibility

4) Increase our client’s awareness on the beneficial effect of our products on the environment:

Advice and guide our clients towards greener packaging solutions
Explain the various existing certifications
Increase awareness on energy recovery from waste
Explain the eco-friendly norms and eco-labels

5) Favor greener communication tools:

Orient our clients and prospects towards our E- catalogs and website instead of our paper catalogs
Develop and optimize our website for easier use for our visitors
Favor communication through telephone and emails
Mailings and newsletter are made 99% of the time by email and not paper
E-invoicing in order to reduce the amount of paper

Where are the products made?

Due to the variety of materials and designs, our products are manufactured in China, FSC certificated wood material from global.

Do you do customize or create custom products?

AfarPack specially in customize product for company with your own logo.

Directly contact for more info.

Are wooden packagings compostable ?

By definition, wood is compostable and biodegradable when it is completely natural. It is in accordance to the EN 13432 norm.

However, wooden products are oftenly associated with plastic, paper, glue or inks. In this case, it wouldn’t be a 100% compostable product.

Wood is also easily recyclable, it can be transformed into chips and it can be used once again.