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Partner Overview

A Committed, 100% Customer-focused Partner
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Long-term customer relationships have always been vital to our success and the success of our partners. That is why our partner program is designed to do more than support our partners’ new business efforts – we work hard to provide our partners, their customer creative wooden packaging solutions, to build loyalty relationships between them and their recurring margins.

Every partner gets access to the dedicated teams and resources required to motivate and empower their sales teams, build strong customer relationships and retain business.

It works. AfarPack partners not only win business, but retain it – customer retention rates are running percentage rates in the high 90s’.

“When we look at growth opportunities, AfarPack is one of the most strategic vendors we work with today. They go beyond simply making it easy to do business; they actually help grow our business because of the upsell opportunities, the joint marketing activities and because of the alliance relationships they hold with key players in our space.”

—- CEO of a Shenzhen Trading company