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A Process for Delivering Delight

Package design can be a powerful differentiator and growth catalyst.

See when your products in wooden wrapper, will they catch clients’ eyes?

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With product life cycles shrinking and shelves filled with custom designs, many marketers view inaction as a non-option and embark on “design for the sake of design” projects that fail to deliver results or even damage their brand.


Embrace a Complete, End-to-End Process

AfarPack Wooden Packaging recommend a six-phase approach.

 – Phase 0 – Pre-Design Analysis

This phase is about research, understanding, and goals.
Key elements include a complete situation assessment of the brand’s positioning and equity, history, category, competitors, and the channels it competes in.
You need to learn about who the target consumer is, the way they interact with the product, and the attributes to which they assign value.

 – Phase 1 – Ideation

This step is about exploring creative solutions. Solutions in this phase should be far-reaching and include designs with different degrees or applications of:

  • Features and functionality,
  • Aesthetics,
  • Risk, and
  • Unit costs or system costs and investments


 – Phase 2 – Evaluation

This Evaluation phase applies a reality check and forces tradeoffs against the goals. All parties affected by a change in packaging (or a new package) should be represented.

 – Phase 3 – Refinement

The Refinement phase involves functional or visual prototyping (rough or fancy) and consumer feedback.
Manufacturing engineers should be engaged to check that the design solution is manufacturable and to weed out production surprises. Unit-cavity molds are often made to see a true representation of what the product will look like.

 – Phase 4 – Production

We are now in full production. The design process is not over, though, as we now listen closely to all key constituents. How is the package manufacturing and filling going? What are retailers saying? Are consumers engaging? Even when a package is in production, enhancements and tweaks can be made to maximize impact and efficiency.

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AfarPack wooden products will help you in the following area:

        – Wooden packaging design

        – Wooden storage boxes’ manufacture

        – Wood baby memory box

        – 4 x 6 Wood Recipe Card Box

        – Wooden valet box

        – Wood Keepsake boxes

        – Wine boxes

        – Gift boxes

        – Wood jewlery boxes

        – Wooden cigar boxes, and etc.


AfarPack will help your wooden packaging in the scientific packaging design process, and you’ll got:

        – Suggestions on wood structure

        – Competitive Price Quotation

        – Consulting on wood packaging

        – Timely Response and product delivery

        – Your wood packaging professional supplier


AfarPack is a powerful, self-reinforcing design system – with aligned incentives, an end-to-end process, and demonstrated results.