There exists nothing more thrilling than a step forwards your competitors. When you come across this article you’ve already steped one foot.



Imagine you are now stepping into one market, want to find a red tea.

What your preferred is of course the brand you often buy, then you pick up your most preferred brand.


But WAIT!!!

A new brand suddenly catchs your eyes – with attractive wooden appearance, with beautiful wood texture…

um, something seems like a real “Big Brand”, and the item costs not too much…


Would you mind giving this new brand a try?


Our customers have given us an answer — Assuredly they Will!

According to one of AfarPack’s client, their annual turnover has increased 47% – the 1st year after they changed their soap into wooden gift packaging boxes.

We cannot deny that there exists too many similar products dressed with the similar wrappers today.

To buy this one or that one, that is really a big question, especially to those who have select dyslexia.


Now, here is the questionHow to make our products stand out from chaos?


Glass?Too delicate, vulnerable. Too heavy not easy for shipping. Cost too much.

Metal ?Tough, not easy to make into the styles, needs model, cost too much

Plastic?Looks cheap and cost low, not disposable.

Paper?needs to buy a unique model for your painting. Good quality paper also cost much.

WoodBranding fee cost too little, small quantity and bulk quantity are all economic, Great brand feeling, eyecatching


Small packaging Wood boxes in good quality are strong enough, they own the ability to keep the products for a life long time. With outstanding surface and strong feeling of “Big Brand”, customer can find them easily among the other similiar goods.

You cannot deny that, those products in cute small wooden boxes really has perfect performance on sales.

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